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Thangaadu L.Krishnan, another great singer

I have heard a lot about Thangaadu L.Krishnan, probably a contemporary of Kerban Bella Gowder, but only now had the opportunity to listen to his songs, courtesy Priyaraghava of Eddakkaadu. To say the least, the voice of L.Krishnan, is very unique and the more you listen to his songs, the more you want to listen. Simply great. One of the songs from the album, Priyaraghava has hosted in Cooltoad, is “Kundha Paala Roadu dhoge”…the original Badaga atta song. I remember listening to this dance number fifty years back, a song which was a must in any habba. Old timers will remember this song being referred to as ‘ Baby powder’a bekku endhagha, Bella na hennu en Janagi, Akka akka huttidha awai, ondhu jolia heghine baali’. There are 20 songs on this album
Alillathaalodayo by bjaypee
I will be grateful to any reader who can provide more info on Thanagaadu L.Krishnan [including photos] and his songs so that we can immortalise his songs like that of Kerban Bella Gowder.

Badaga Songs and Dance

On the unique BADAGA community of the Nilgiris in Southern India…their origin, language, culture and customs !!
photo from : Kongunadu Arts and Science College, Kovai

—– Aatta Aadovo…Baarivo !

If you are one of those who enjoy the foot tapping Badaga Dance numbers, you’d like this streaming media on the side bars with some nice dance numbers

Bugiri - probably the only original musical instrument that is considered very sacred by Badagas and is extensively used during Hethai Habba. Whenever the ‘Hethai Mane’ group visits any badaga village , just before the invocation of Hethai (DEV ADDODHU) this instrument is played by the specialists. It produces a very snoothing music, and when Hethai Songs are played, it can produce an electrifying effect.


by IR Loganathan, Ithalar
[from Silver Jubilee Souvenir 1993 of Badaga Welfare Association, Madras]
Bugiri is one of the musical instruments of our ancestors. This looks like a long flute. There are a couple of small side branches at the knots of this bamboo instrument. There are six holes in this. It is learnt that this instrument was kept in all the Badaga houses in earlier days. It is also said that all the elders had the capacity to play this instrument in those days. This was played near the patients/suffering so as to make them go off to sleep forgetting their pain. During funerals, the relatives of the deceased played this to vent their sorrow.
It is difficult to exactly say the type of music/sound the bugiri produced. Still, it may be like the sound of a big fire, or the sound produced when things are rubbed systematically, or like the sound of a spinning top or like that of a constant ’sangu’ being blown. There are high and low notes produced by this instrument which can kindle deep feelings as well as to make one get thoroughly engrossed.

Photo from the Hindu (7-12-09)


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my name is m.dharmadev, iam from badaga origin. i am a baduga song writer my first opportunity as in "kavava thadi" a movie of badaga. my age is 19. as a tamil writer i got chance badaga because they the people for encouraging youngsters.

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