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Mele Keri yogae

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Badaga Dance Songs

My choice of Badaga Dance Numbers

1.Hutty Bappane 2.Kappu Huttileyu 3. Mele Keriyoge 4.Soley Gaayee

It has been brought to my notice that the above song ‘Mele Kerioge’ forms part of the album “SINGARA SEEMAE” by KHD. The lyrics are by SHOLUR G. Raman & KHD and the music is by P.Subramani, Bangalore. The singers are G.N.Ramsn, Ravi - Jakkanaarai, Shanthi Desingh and G.N.Kalai.

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vijay said...

Bellie Raj ...

Its very true that u have raised our badaga voices through Superb song from Subramaniyapuram .We expect more stormers from u ...

Wishing u all the best

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